FREE one (1) hour consultation for Chamber Members
FREE, Chamber, New, Consultation, Handbooks, Employees, Mediation, Policies, Job Description, Evaluations, Human Resources
FREE-  One (1) hour consultation to discuss your company and any general or specific question concerning employee(s).  
Opportunity to have a FULL HR Department available when needed without the payroll cost.  Discount with contract.  The Laws and Regulations change daily at times and often without notice.  It is costly if you fail to abide by the rules.  
Handbooks, Policies, Job Descriptions, Evaluations, Discipline, Termination, Employee dispute resolution, EEOC, Unemployment, etc.  Let's meet an​d discuss your Employee needs. yes 
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phone: (440) 579-5587
Offer Valid: May 30, 2018February 1, 2019
Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce