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About Us

Great Lakes Oil Co. is a leading provider of high-quality metalworking fluids, coolants, industrial lubricants, and filtration systems for various industries and applications. Whether you need cutting, grinding, honing, or quenching fluids, Great Lakes Oil Co. has the right product for your needs.

Great Lakes Oil Co. also offers Como Filtration, a state-of-the-art technology that removes contaminants from fluids and extends their life span. Como Filtration can reduce waste, improve performance, and save money for your business.

In addition, Great Lakes Oil Co. has a wide range of full synthetic oils, synthetic food grade lubricants, cleaning products, and degreasers that meet the highest standards of quality and safety. These products are designed to protect your equipment, enhance your productivity, and comply with environmental regulations.

Great Lakes Oil Co. is more than just a supplier of lubricants and fluids. It is also your partner in providing customized solutions, technical support, and reliable service. Great Lakes Oil Co. has the expertise, experience, and equipment to help you achieve your goals and optimize your operations.

Great Lakes Oil Co., ONE-STOP SHOP For All Your Lubrication & Equipment Needs.

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