Press Training Facility

Press Training Facility


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We are new to the City of Painesville and aim to create a true sense of community!

Along with offering diverse range of health and fitness classes, we have a boxing team.

To become a member of the boxing team certain requirements, need to be met. With proper training you will have the option to compete at an amateur level. (This is at the discretion of both you and your coach)

DIAMONDS withstand PRESSURE! Although discomfort is not always pleasant in the moment, it will help you grow and develop! At PRESS Training Facility, we will create that pressure in a safe and healthy environment.

When pressure hits in the world, we are often unprepared. Skills gained from Training at Press translate to the real world, strengthening you to rise above challenges. It is all about the reaction YOU have to stress that counts. Fight or Flight…

Thank you for welcoming us into the neighborhood! We look forward to walking with you on your growth journey!

Press Training Facility

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Mrs. Leah Curtis