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Sounds of Life Hearing Center, LLC was founded in May 2018 by Dr. Sarah Curtis, Doctor of Audiology. with a goal to bring excellent, best-practice, fairly priced, service-centered audiology practice to Lake County and Northeast Ohio.

There is an unfortunate misunderstanding of what audiological care should look like as it can be hard to find a provider who is focused first and foremost on an accurate diagnosis and then on the rehabilitation of hearing loss. While Sounds of Life does provide services for the selection and fitting of hearing aids, that is not the primary goal of the practice. Hearing aids are essential as they are the best treatment for about 90% of hearing losses; however, this practice thinks beyond the hearing aid!

When hearing aids are the most appropriate treatment the patient may be also instructed to adjust their communication strategies, or to participate in an online aural rehabilitation program. They may also need to talk about amplified smoke alarms or captioned telephones. They might have tinnitus and leave with recommendations for masking apps and therapeutic care. They may provide a pediatric patient a thorough list of educational recommendations pertinent to that child's symptoms and difficulties. Sometimes the limits of the loss may exceed candidacy for hearing aids at which point the audiologists may suggest an evaluation for Cochlear Implants and, new for 2020, be able to provide all follow up Cochlear Implant services!

The audiologists at Sounds of Life are excited to meet you and come up with a plan to change your life!

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Sarah Curtis
Au.D. - Audiologist/Owner
Cara Donovan