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Our mission is to create a sanctuary where individuals can decompress & recover from the chaos, trauma, and pain experienced in their work. First responders, service members, military veterans, and their families can connect with each other at VFR Homefront Campus and experience the healing powers and serenity of nature.

The VFR stands for Veterans and First Responders – a direct message to those who we serve.

But to all of us in the organization it is so much more. Our name is an expression of our awe in:

The Valor of these men and women.
The Freedom they fight and sometimes die for.
The Respect they embody – and that we proudly send back in their direction.

Our mission is to create a place where these individuals can recover, relax and rejuvenate – this is how the idea for The VFR Homefront Campus was born. This campus will provide first responders – primarily Police, Fire, Military, Veterans – and their families with unique experiences in the natural environment to help them thrive as individuals and as a part of their communities.

The VFR Homefront will offer service families the opportunity to experience best-in-class programming and therapeutic interventions that help families to stay connected, process trauma, and promote healing and well-being. We will maintain a dedicated focus on mental health services and support such as mental health evaluations, therapy sessions, counseling to address depression/anxiety and much more.

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