How a Holiday Shop Local Campaign Can Help Your Eastern Lake Business

As the holiday season approaches, many small businesses begin to ramp up their marketing efforts. However, with everyone vying for attention, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd. One way to set your business apart and show your support for the community is to launch a holiday shop local campaign. From the Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce, read on to learn more about the benefits of a holiday shop local campaign and how you can get started.

Why Holiday Shop Local Campaigns Matter

During the holidays, people are more likely to spend money at businesses that are supporting good causes or giving back to the community. When you participate in a holiday shop local campaign, you are showing your customers that you care about more than just making a profit. You are also helping to strengthen the local economy by keeping money within the community.

How to Get Involved in a Holiday Shop Local Campaign

There are several ways that your business can get involved in a holiday shop local campaign. One way is to offer discounts or special deals to customers who shop with you during the holidays. You could also donate a portion of your sales to a local charity or give customers the option to donate when they check out. Additionally, you can host events or partner with other businesses to promote the campaign.

How You Can Promote Your Holiday Shop Local Campaign

Once you have decided how you will participate in the campaign, it's time to start promoting your involvement. Use social media, email marketing, and traditional advertising methods like flyers and posters to let people know about your campaign. Make sure to use relevant hashtags and include information about how customers can take advantage of your specials or deals.

A gift guide can be a useful promotional tool. Holiday shoppers are always looking for the right gifts, and a guide featuring your business’s products will help bring them into your store. You can write multiple guides in a single PDF document, then separate the pages into individual files for distribution. You can create marketing emails and social media posts specifically for each guide to attract different types of customers.

Incentivizing Shopping Locally During the Holidays

One of the best ways to encourage people to shop locally is by offering incentives. In addition to discounts and specials, you could offer loyalty points or enter customers into a drawing for a chance to win a prize. You could also partner with other businesses in the area to offer a joint prize for shopping at multiple participating businesses. By offering incentives, you'll increase foot traffic and make it more likely that customers will spend money at your business.

Businesses Supporting Each Other During the Holidays

Finally, one of the best things about holiday shop local campaigns is that they provide an opportunity for businesses to support each other. During the busy holiday season, it can be difficult for small businesses to compete with larger retailers. However, by teaming up with other small businesses in the area, you can pool your resources and create joint marketing materials or co-host events. By working together, you'll be able to reach more people and show them why supporting small businesses is so important during the holidays—and all year long!

This holiday season set your business apart by participating in a holiday shop local campaign. Not only will you be supporting good causes and strengthening the local economy, but you'll also be increasing foot traffic and boosting sales. And by teaming up with other small businesses in the area, you can pool your resources and create joint marketing materials or co-host events. So what are you waiting for? Get started on planning your holiday shop local campaign today!


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